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My name is Lili ………………………………Just like an amnesiac
trying to get my senses back


"Sorrow" by The National // Self-Portrait and Self-portrait with a Bandaged Ear by Vincent Van Gogh

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"I had insecurities and fears like everybody does, and I got over it. But I was interested in the parts of me that struggled with those things."

Happy Birthday Philip Seymour Hoffman (23rd July 1967 - 2nd February 2014)

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Over three years James Mollison photographed fans outside different concerts for his project The DisciplesAs I photographed the project I began to see how the concerts became events for people to come together with surrogate ‘families’, a chance to relive their youth or try and be part of a scene that happened before they were born.”

  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Morrissey
  • The Cure
  • Oasis

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Clipping the wings of your morning flight

The night will end
In some form of excess
Pants around ankles
Too weak to fully undress

It’s our anniversary
A celebration of
And here’s to next year
Maybe you’ll join me in my car
We’ll drive together
But not too far

We are far from flowers
Cut and dried
So let us thrive let us thrive
Let us thrive let us thrive
Just like the weeds
We curse sometimes

Our Anniversary // Smog

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Harry leaving their management’s offices in Kensington 30.10.2012 

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Wes Anderson


Wes Anderson



up close and personal
alberta ferretti spring 2014 rtw

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Heath Ledger and Ang Lee on the set of Brokeback Mountain, Ph. by Kimberly French

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